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As a specialist in AOV maintenance Triangle are proud to be an Approved SCS Group Installer allowing us to demonstrate that Triangle are the specialist you need on site.  

All our solutions are open protocol meaning that parts are readily available and can be purchased unrestricted.  For systems that are essential to safety this is mandatory to achieve a quick response when equipment fails.  With the support of SCS Group an industry leading smoke ventilation manufacturer, quality is without equal.

Whether you need a new Mechanical solution to a tower block or a Natural system for an apartment block Triangle are qualified to undertake any demand.

Servicing an AOV system has strict guidelines that are frequently neglected.  Triangle provide our clients with all the knowledge and skills they need to undertake Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual Maintenance (yes AOVs need extensive maintenance).

Our experience over the last 5 years has been that fire alarm companies are instructed to undertake maintenance and installation of AOVs when in fact they are generally not qualified or certified, compromising safety and causing potential legal issues. 


Don't make this mistake! instruct an AOV specialist.  Call Triangle today 0203 617 4746 


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